Newton’s Laws Experiment EX-5503B

Students use this collection of equipment to discover or experimentally determine all three of Newton’s Laws.

  • Newton’s First Law – Students examine an object’s motion to see if it changes when forces are applied or not.
  • Newton’s Second Law – Students use the Smart Cart to discover the relationships between force, mass, and acceleration.
  • Newton’s Third Law – Using two Smart Cart Force Sensors, students prove that forces between objects are equal in magnitude yet opposite in direction. These experiments include both tug-of-war exercises and collisions between cars.

PASCO Advantage: The Smart Cart has all the sensors required, which makes setup very quick and easy. The integration between the probeware and equipment helps students focus on the physics of each experiment.


  • Newton’s First Law (Inertia)
  • Newton’s Second Law (F = ma)
  • Newton’s Third Law (Fab = -Fba)