CVP-2 All-in-one PCR Plate Centrifuge/Vortex



Life science applications, molecular biology, cell biology lab, cell lysis, DNA isolation and purification, sample preparation for PCR, pellet re-suspension, mixing viscous liquids, or any other method where you need tube vortexing and centrifugation and have many samples, particularly in very small volumes.


Dimensions (h x d x w) 190 x 350 x 285MM
Centrifuge mixing speed control range 300 to 1500rpm
Vortex mixing speed control range 300 to 1200rpm
Speed control increment 100RPM
G-force/RCF 245
Centrifuge timer with sound alarm 0 to 30 minutes
Vortex timer with sound alarm 0 to 60 seconds
Centrifuge/vortex cycles 1 to 999
Capacity 2 un-, semi or fully skirted microplates
External Power supply Input AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12V
Power consumption – 230V 24W (1A)
Input voltage 24V dc
Weight 6.15KG