Advanced Microwave Optics System, WA-9316

Features: Diffraction Slit Hardware — Spacers and holders for performing interference experiments. Ethafoam® Prism with Styrene Pellets — Used for refraction of microwaves. The index of refraction of styrene is determined. Rotating Mounts — The transmitter and receiver rotate through a full 360° (an important feature for polarization experiments). Gunn Diode Transmitter — A stable, low-voltage source of linearly polarized microwaves (10.5 GHz; 15 mW). 18 cm High Mounts — Minimize tabletop reflections for improved accuracy. Receiver with a Built-in Amplifier — Variable sensitivity ensures clear data, even for low-intensity measurements (Bragg diffraction and Brewster’s angle). Long-Arm Goniometer — For easy setup and alignment. The built-in degree and millimeter scales ensure accurate measurements. Magnetic Mounting — All components mount magnetically. Setup is quick and accurate. Durable Construction — Parts are made of stainless steel or die-cast aluminum. Microwave Accessory Package Included — Includes a polyethylene panel for measuring Brewster’s angle and a simulated crystal for Bragg diffraction experiments. Typical Experiments: With Teacher’s Guide and Sample Data. Introduction to Microwaves Reflection Standing Waves Refraction by a Prism Polarization Double Slit Interference Lloyd’s Mirror Michelson Interferometer Fabry-Perot Interferometer Fiber Optics Brewster’s Angle Bragg Diffraction Includes: Basic Microwave Optics System (WA-9314B) Microwave Accessory Package (WA-9315) Components Available Separately: — Microwave Transmitter (WA-9801) — Microwave Receiver (WA-9800) — Microwave Mounting Stand (2 needed) (WA-9802) Related Products: — Microwave Accessory Package (WA-9315) — Microwave Detector Probe (WA-9319) — Microwave Transmitter Modulator (WA-9318) Also available is PASCO’s Basic Microwave Optics System (WA-9314B).