850 Universal Interface UI-5000

The 850 Universal Interface is the most powerful educational lab interface in the world and features the most ports, fastest sampling rates, and unmatched functionality. It can be used in place of several pieces of lab instrumentation, including oscilloscopes, power supplies, timers, and function generators. It features a USB connection and is only compatible with Capstone software.

  • Works with both PASPORT and ScienceWorkshop sensors
  • Can be used simultaneously with other PASPORT interfaces and PASCO Wireless sensors
  • Controlled with PASCO’s Capstone Software
  • 100 kHz signal generator
  • 15 W power amplifier
  • 10 MHz sample rate oscilloscope


  • Four Photogate ports
  • Four analog ports for use with analog ScienceWorkshop sensors
  • Four PASPORT Ports that are compatible with more than 70 PASPORT sensors
  • 15 W function generator with power amplifier
  • Dual independent, high frequency function generators
  • High-speed sampling up to 10.0 MHz for two channels or 1.0 MHz for four channels
  • USB 2.0 computer connection
  • External trigger input and output for synchronizing multiple 850s or other equipment
  • 44-pin expansion port for personalized expansion of applications
  • Analog inputs are protected up to ±300 V. Outputs and power supplies are protected from short circuits.
  • Protected by PASCO’s five year warranty


  • Study AC and DC Circuits
  • Power Speakers and String Vibrators
  • Explore Modulation Using the External Trigger
  • Sense and Control