Graphing Datalogger : Xplorer GLX (PS-2002)

Display: 320 x 240 backlit transflective LCD grayscale displays
Sensor Ports: 8 Total, including built-in Sound Sensor, Voltage Sensor, and Temperature Sensors (2)
-: 4 dedicated
-: 4 open–connect any PASPORT Sensor
Maximum Sampling Rate: 50,000 Hz
Calculation Engine: 50 MHz FPU
Memory: 12 MB of built-in flash memory
Sensor Compatability: All PASPORT Sensors
-: All ScienceWorkshop Sensors using PASPORT Analog and Digital Adapters
Battery: Rechargeable 1700 mAH NiMH battery
USB: 2 USB built-in ports

This award-winning portable graphing datalogger provides convenient and powerful data collection, display and analysis — even without a computer. Includes 2 temperature sensors, voltage sensor, built-in speaker and sound sensor. A great value for your science lab. Includes

•Two fast response, low thermal mass temperature probes.
•Voltage probe.
•Built-in sound sensor.
•Built-in speaker.
•Power adapter and battery charger.
•USB “A” to USB “B” cable.
•DataStudio Lite for use as a PASPORT interface to computer.
•Users guide and tutorial CD