Power Electronics Training, GOTT-PET-588

The Power Electronics Training Kit makes it possible to build up straightforward experimental circuits in keeping with practical requirements. Groups of
experiments on basic power electronic circuits are presented, demonstrated and explained on the basis of rectifiers in a tried-and-tested didactic manner
and sequence.
• Single-Phase Half-Wave Half Controlled Rectifier Circuit
• Single-Phase Full-Wave Controlled Rectifier Circuit
• Single-Phase Bridge-Type Controlled Rectifier Circuit
• Single-Phase AC Booster Circuit
• Three-Phase Bridge-Type Controlled Rectifier Circuit
• Quenching Circuit Step-Down DC Chopper Module
• MOSFET Step-Down DC Chopper Circuit
• IGBT Step-Down DC Chopper Circuit
• Passive Inverter Circuit
• Fault Simulator
• Connection Diagram

The Power Electronics Training Kit has been designed to control of electrical energy with the greatest efficiency possible. In fact, it allows the implementation of theoretical-practical courses, for the study of power electronics. The individual units of an experimental set-up are connected via 4mm safety sockets which are arranged in large, synoptically graphical symbols and current flow diagrams. Due to the vertical arrangement of the experimental panels, the experimental set-up can be seen from a far distance and can be adapted step by step to the course of the lessons or lectures.

The experiments permit practice-oriented, hands-on training to be carried out, thus assuring the trainees of the proficiency needed to handle the tasks and the equipment found in this field. The training panels and functional units with block circuit diagrams and signal diagrams permit clear and understandable assembly of the experiment circuits.